Angels of Waverley Cemetery, Sydney

Perched atop cliffs in Sydney’s eastern suburbs and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Waverley Cemetery must be one of the most spectacularly located cemeteries anywhere in the world. ┬áIt is noted for its ornate tombs, headstones and funerary sculpture – angels are particularly popular.

Notable Australians buried here include Australia’s first Prime Minister Edmund Barton, poet Henry Lawson and cricketer Victor Trumper.

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Ollantaytambo, Peru

The Inca settlement of Ollantaymbo was a focal point of Inca resistance during the Spanish conquest of Peru.

The adjacent town of the same name is one of the most intact Inca towns still in existence, with houses, streets and drainage systems almost entirely unchanged from the time of the Incas, some five hundred years ago.


The terraces were used for agriculture.


Trademark Incan masonry with irregular shapes and very tight fits between individual stones.