Angels of Waverley Cemetery, Sydney

Perched atop cliffs in Sydney’s eastern suburbs and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Waverley Cemetery must be one of the most spectacularly located cemeteries anywhere in the world.  It is noted for its ornate tombs, headstones and funerary sculpture – angels are particularly popular.

Notable Australians buried here include Australia’s first Prime Minister Edmund Barton, poet Henry Lawson and cricketer Victor Trumper.

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La Compania de Jesus, Arequipa

The ornate facade illustrates the so-called Baroque Mestizo style of church architecture found in the Peruvian Andes.


St Peter’s Basilica, Rome

The baldacchino and immense dome of the largest church in the world.  St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Palace remain the ultimate symbols of the incredible heights of opulence, wealth and waste that the Roman Catholic Church reached during the 16th century.


Monasteries of Meteora, Greece

Built between five hundred to a thousand years ago, the monks and hermits of the Greek Orthodox Church sought ever more remote and difficult-to-reach places from where to pray and contemplate.

Hence their position amongst these spectacular sandstone rock formations in central Greece.





Nowadays a sealed road links all the monasteries and they are as much tourist museums as they are living monasteries.

Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, Istanbul

The iconostasis of the Church of St George, within the grounds of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople in Istanbul.

The Greek presence in Turkey is now small, but the Ecumenicl Patriarchate still serves at the spiritual home of the Greek Orthodox Church for believers in Greece and scattered all over the world.  It claims its beginnings from the Apostle St Andrew.

The two-headed eagle in the centre of the picture is a symbol from the Byzantine Empire, representing the twin role of the Byzantine Emperor, as head both of the Church and the State.


Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Hagia Sophia.  Santa Sophia.  Aya Sofya.  Church of Holy Wisdom.  Has any other church in the world been witness to so many monumental events in history?  The eruption of the Great Schism.  The sacking of Constantinople by the Crusaders.  The fall of the Byzantine Empire to the Ottoman Turks.

Rebuilt many times over the years, this landmark of architecture is now a museum, constantly being restored.