The Parthenon, former temple to goddess Athena. Completed in the 4th century BCE and somehow surviving over 2,000 years of invasion, wars and bombardment. Athens, Greece.
The Pantheon, once a pagan Roman temple, now a Roman church. The pockmarks and holes in the facade are apparently mounting points for scultptures that have long since disappeared. Rome, Italy.
Treasury, Petra
This sandstone marvel is known as the Treasury or al-Khazneh, but it was more likely a temple or tomb. Petra, Jordan.
The Prambanan Hindu temple complex is one of the largest and most magnificent in Southeast Asia. Central Java, Indonesia.
Westminster abbey
This Gothic church has been the coronation site of English and British monarchs since 1066. London, United Kingdom.
Island fortress and monastery of Mont-Saint-Michel, just off the coast of Normandy, France.
Palais des Papes
The Palaise des Papes was home to several popes during the 14th century CE, a period when the papacy left Rome for France. Avignon, France.
Ablaq, Jerusalem
Mamluk Islamic architecture displaying the ablaq technique – use of alternating rows of light and dark stone. Jerusalem, Israel.
Taj Mahal
Pinnacle of Mughal architecture and perhaps the most famous building in the world? Completed in 1653 CE. Agra, India.
Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests
The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests is made entirely out of wood, with no nails. The current building is a reconstruction. The original survived almost 500 years before burning down after a lightning strike in 1889. Bejing, China.
Süleymaniye Mosque
The Süleymaniye Mosque was commissioned by Ottoman sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. It was designed by master Ottoman architect Sinan and completed in 1557 CE. Istanbul, Turkey.
Grand Palace, Bangkok
Detail of the roof line of one of the many magnificent buildings within the Grand Palace complex. Bangkok, Thailand.
Casa Batlló
Sculptural form on the roof of Antoni Gaudí’s Casa Batlló. Barcelona, Spain.
Tongkonan, Toraja
The tongkonan is the ancestral house of the Torajan people of Indonesia, immediately recognisable by its sweeping roof line. Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Lotus Temple
The Lotus Temple is a Bahá’í House of Worship designed by Fariborz Sahba and completed in 1986. Delhi, India.
Bird's Nest
The unmistakable steel-framed exterior of Beijing National Stadium or the Bird’s Nest. Beijing, China.
Dr Chau Chak Wing Building
Part of the University of Technology Sydney, the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building is the first building in Australia designed by Frank Gehry. Sydney, Australia.

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