Rozelle Tram Depot, Sydney

Sydney used to have one of the largest metropolitan tram fleets in the world.  This all changed in the 1950s when trams were progressively replaced with buses.

Rozelle Tram Depot still houses six of the original trams that used to run on the network, though they are woefully neglected and have been subject to extensive vandalism and graffiti over the years.


One thought on “Rozelle Tram Depot, Sydney

  1. This is appalling.
    Graffiti is sooo crass and to allow this beautiful old mode of transport to be desecrated in this way is shocking.

  2. What a fascinating place and great photos! I hope the Rozelle Tram Depot can be saved. It’s pretty unique to find an abandoned building of this nature that still has original – and historic – equipment inside. In my home town Sheffield (UK) most old tram related nostalgia has long gone, with the exception of some old sheds – with an elegant facade – that have been extremely badly integrated into a nondescript modern structure that looks like it’s just been stuck on the back. Awesome slice of history you have here!

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