Cascading Torajan ricefields, Sulawesi

Torajan ricefields

Rice terraces cascade down the mountains as far as the eye can see.  South Sulawesi, Indonesia.


One thought on “Cascading Torajan ricefields, Sulawesi

  1. Your fotos of Sulawesi/Jatiluwaih Rice terraces connect with me– a rice terrace romantic who lives partime in the rice terraces of Ifugao in the Philippines. One day your riceterrace seeking lenses might try framing our ancient stairways of the gods.

    I am an independent artist/filmmaker and am doing a video essay on rice terrace cultures. How do I get to the south sulawesi landscape–are there any near Ujupandan? Also I noted one comment re your blue houses of Jodpur and you mentioned a palace– I think I attended a conference there in 1989 (my 16 mm days when there was no digital video yet. Is that palace you mentioened some kind of hotel or conference site? I seem to remeber a horse sulpture in the gardens with peackoks–wonder if its the same palace. Thanks

    Kidlat Tahimik

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